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Our customers

Our customers are listed companies, public and private-owned companies.
They employ 1, 10 and 100 persons, in some cases 40 in Europe and 2000 in Asia, up to 20 000 around the World or 2 here and 5000 around Europe.

Our customers are active in their businesses and offer products and services in the field of construction, recruitment, news, security and control system, tourism, telecommunications, IT-consulting, manufacturing of automotive spare parts, etc.

They have headquarters in Europe (Great Britain, France, Sweden) and we manage their claims for VAT refund in other European countries or they are located in India, China, USA and we manage their claims for VAT refund in Europe and their VAT representation in Sweden.

Some of our customers have small establishments in Scandinavia taking into account the size of this active market. We manage all VAT matters and VAT refund matters that appear as consequences of a choice of international organization

We respect our customers' privacy and neither name them nor publish their logo. We think that you will appreciate that and that you will enjoy an efficient and professionnal service in the field of VAT refund, VAT representation, VAT for e-commerce and e-business.
Welcome in Stockholm and meet us at one of the events organized by the French-Swedish, British-Swedish and American-Swedish Chambers of Commerce. We are members.

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