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We aim to provide your with all conditions for safe and secured e-commerce in Sweden in the proper, efficient and legal way and efficient VAT refund for your purchases in Scandinavia.

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useful information Here you can find a selection of useful links to legal texts and information in several languages. We do our best to maintain the links updated.

Links published by the European Community including phone numbers and addresses of the European Tax Offices:

Link to the Official Journal of the European Community in 18 languages here below:

Link to the most recent information about the VAT rates in many European countries, EU members including the new members Bulgaria and Romania and some non EU members, published by the Swedish Tax Office (allow cookies): here

Link to Euro Info Centre Sweden.

professional work The 6th, 8th and 13th European Directives are the legal basis of the European VAT and VAT refunds. The very basic requirement to obtain a VAT refund is that your company is VAT registered somewhere where it is currently doing business and not registered in the country where it claims for a refund. Multilateral international agreements organize this refund on a large international scale concerning non European companies.
Keep in mind that the local rules are in force in every country. It means that the layout of your local suppliers's invoices is supposed to follow these rules. The VAT is reimbursed by the local Tax Office according to the local rules. You might obtain a VAT refund in Sweden for VAT invoiced on services that are not taxable in another country. A couple of examples: the VAT is invoiced on stamps in Sweden and you may get a refund (contested). If You can show that the bill is business related, You get a refund on taxi bills in Sweden, Norway and Finland, not in Denmark. Your company will benefit of our practical experience acquired in international companies: getting the VAT paid back depends on the compliance of the purchases invoices with the international invoicing rules and accounting requirements.
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