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The Scan VAT Refund is a service offered by Neurologic Sweden
a Swedish company working with e-services:

e-business VAT services for European and non European companies

We want to provide you with solutions adapted to your activity and your way of doing business and we try to satisfy our clients' needs. Our human size is a guarantee of genuine involvement. We offer services for e-commerce: a complete and complementary offer in the area of VAT, VAT refund and computerized services. 

E-business services VAT:
Our services for European and non European distance selling companies are adapted to our clients' needs and requirements. We carry out your claims for VAT refund in the whole Scandinavia and the whole Europe in partnership with a network of specialists , we arrange your VAT representation in Sweden and do electronical VAT declarations for European distance selling companies (over the thresholds), electronical VAT declarations for electronically delivered services by non European companies.
In the field of VAT refund, our clients are foreign companies as well as Swedish and Scandinavian companies. We arrange claims for VAT refunds from here for Swedish companies and claims in the whole Scandinavia for foreign companies.
In the field of VAT representation in Sweden, our clients may be European and non - European companies.

• no invoicing before you get the refund
• up to 11000 euros paid back : 10% of the VAT paid back  - over 11000 euros paid back : 8% of the VAT paid back
• no minimum fees
• we do not get your refund: you get it directly unless other agreement between us

More about the company 
here :a quick overview on Neurologic Sweden AB Head consultants.

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