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VAT Services in Sweden for European companies - distance selling of goods and services.

In respect of the European Directives about VAT, your company has the obligation to declare and pay VAT in Sweden when its yearly sales in Sweden exceed the threshold (320 000 SEK i.e around 35000 EUR/24000 GBP/46000 USD). You can read the rules and get the complete list of the thresholds here in English, French and German. You may choose this registration as it might be an adequate mean depending on your strategy of increasing your sales in Sweden without obligation to have a Swedish permanent establishment in case of distance selling by Internet or other means . Consider that as a real positive effect in some extend.
"Swedish electronic commerce continues to grow rapidly. The number of all Internet users who bought goods and services online in the first half of 2005 increased to 65% from 50% in the first half of 50% " ( 9 March 2006). 31% of the Swedes are buying at foreign websites and the growth of e-commerce turnover is 25% per year (Computer Sweden 12 June 2006).

We will act for your VAT representation in Sweden in case of distance selling of goods and services. We will represent you here and perform the whole process: VAT registration, VAT declarations and keeping records according to the local rules. Due to our automatic routines, we can offer these services at a very low fee rate. Keep in mind that even if there is no obligation of a representative in Sweden for a European company, it is almost a practical necessity due to the obligation of keeping local records and the rules about electronical VAT declarations so far in Swedish in respect of the local rules. We declare your Swedish VAT electronically and we send you the acknowlegment of receipt immediately.

Special offer:
VAT Registration in Sweden at a fixed price 200 euros until 31th of December 2012

VAT Services in Sweden for non European companies - distance selling of electronically supplied services.

The Commission has decided to extend the period of application of the 2002/38/EC Directive concerning certain electronically supplied services in the European Community. You can find the text here We will perform the online VAT declarations on your behalf. Due to our own efficient automatic routines as well as the Swedish Tax Office's high level of technical efficiency for overseas companies' declarations, we can offer this service at a very low fee rate. We prefer to declare using electronical means and we rely on a close partnership with our clients combined with our technical efficiency to do that with the highest efficiency. Your involvement will be to transfer the information about monthly sales and we do the rest.

VAT Services for all companies - VAT refund

This service is concerning companies without permanent establishment in the country where they claim and VAT refunds in case of VAT invoiced on all types of purchases of goods and services and triangular trade. The legal frame of the European Directives is really large and there are quantities of possible cases depending on your way of running your daily business. Anyway, exhibiting in Scandinavia , visiting clients and doing business imply to pay VAT, travelling by train or taxi, staying one or two nights at the hotel, and what more?
We perform your claims in the proper way in the whole Scandinavia and France and the whole European Union due to our partnership with other European specialists. We act on behalf of Scandinavian companies for a VAT refund elsewhere in Europe and for European companies that have been billed with Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and/or Finnish VAT in Scandinavia. 
All rules and a clear description of the company's rights to claim can be read
here in English, French and German. Keep in mind two basic informations: the deadlines for the claims (in most European countries: up to the 30th of June for VAT on purchases of the previous year) and the principles/aims: to refund VAT that would have been deducted by a local company locally driving the same business as yours.

As a matter of fact, even if no direct deduction of foreign VAT is allowed in your accountancy abroad, the system of VAT refunds is an effective mean to preserve competition in Europe. If you claim for a VAT refund, the foreign VAT that you have paid will not remain as a cost for your company and this will have a positive effect on your sale prices.

We perform your claims for VAT refund and charge a fee based purely on results without any minimum. This is our involvement because it seems fair . In case of inadequate documents, we will help to arrange that with your suppliers. We always handle even small claims if VAT is refundable i.e. over the official yearly limit of around 20-25 euros because our customers might need that .

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