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Do you get a VAT refund for VAT paid somewhere in Europe?

Has your company a VAT registration number and a permanent establishment somewhere in Europe or outside?

Does your company buy some services in one or several other European coutries ?

Does your company exhibit somewhere in Europe ?

Does some of the staffers travel in Europe for meeting prospects and customers?

Can you find out in your books invoices for exhibitions, trips by taxi and train, stationery, car rentals, restaurant and hotels bills, local subcontracting of any type? The local VAT is invoiced and no deduction is allowed for foreign companies but a fair competition is a priority within the European Community and the foreign VAT is not supposed to remain as a cost for your company. But did you decide to book that as a cost for ever?

The solution is to apply for a VAT refund
All you need by now is to gather the originals of your Scandinavian purchases invoices since the beginning of 2012 and contact us to prepare a VAT refund

If your company is VAT registered in Europe or non- European and engaged in business overseas, it is in most cases entitled to get back the VAT that has been paid in Europe. If you did not get any VAT refund last year, then you can change that by now. We are at your disposal in Sweden for more details about Scandinavian VAT. No hassle for us, we are located in Scandinavia and work with VAT issues here.

Do you sell goods at distance?

Do you intend to increase your sales in Sweden? Sweden is an active market , near 70% of the Swedes surf and buy on the Internet with their computers and cell phones. 94% of Swedes buy on the Internet and 25% of Swedish consumers who buy a lot on Internet are customers for foreign websites (source: DIBS e-handel index). Increase your sales and let us help you with VAT here! Sell more and secure your sales.

You already need to invoice and declare the Swedish VAT and keep records here if your company sells to private people over the thresholds  in respect of second sub paragraph article 3 of Directive 2006/112/EC (April 2008 320 000 sek = 34 000 euros)

VAT registration in Sweden for distance selling companies, conferences and events organisators and e-commerce. Fixed price 2012 : 200 euros

We work with all questions regarding VAT in Sweden and VAT refund in Scandinavia
You can get VAT advice on line and free resources if you are employer in Sweden here

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